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Prevent bad weather and reckless driving car accidents

Two common causes of car accidents in California are bad weather and reckless driving. However, with proper attention to detail, most car accidents caused by these factors can be avoided.

Here's what you can do to avoid these two kinds of crashes:

Reckless driving crashes

Everyone in California is in a hurry, and just when you think life can't get any more hectic, it always does. When drivers are in a rush, they speed, make dangerously aggressive lane changes and tailgate other drivers. If you're feeling rushed or in a hurry behind the wheel, take three deep breaths and try to stay calm. The calmer and more relaxed you are behind the wheel, the less likely you are to take unnecessary risks. You'll also be more attentive to the aggressive drivers around you, and more capable of avoiding getting into a crash with them.

Bad weather crashes

When the weather is foggy or rainy, it can impede a driver's ability to navigate traffic. A very light rain can leave roads extra slick and slippery, and rain and foggy weather will reduce visibility. When the weather is so severe that you feel even a little unsafe, pull over and wait for it to pass. When you still feel you can drive in the weather, slow down and drive with care.

When we drive in a way that reflects and respects the current weather conditions, and when we stay calm behind the wheel, many accidents can be avoided -- and lives potentially saved. Another way to bring more attention to drivers safety is to hold reckless and negligent drivers financially accountable in court for the injuries and damages they cause.

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