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What investigators look for in truck accidents

No one should have to see an 80,000-pound vehicle barreling toward his or her vehicle, especially when it doesn't show signs of stopping and the driver has no moves available. Without a way to avoid the impact, all a driver can do is brace for it.

Of course, most people don't have the luxury and burden of knowing the impact is coming. In either case, the injuries can be significant, if not deadly. When investigators look for the cause of the crash, they tend to start with factors common to the majority of truck accidents.

What are the most common factors?

You may be like other California residents who think of driver error when it comes to the number one cause of accidents. Sure, truck drivers get distracted, tired and impaired, and they do cause accidents, but there are other common causes as well:

  • If truckers and teams who load cargo onto big rigs fail to stick to industry-specific rules, the load could shift during transit or fall off the truck. Obviously, this could lead to catastrophic consequences for anyone nearby.
  • Failing to inspect for mechanical issues and repair any deficiencies immediately could cause a crash. Moreover, if those working on the truck fail to make repairs properly or are lax on maintenance, the results could lead to fatalities.
  • Inadequate training for driving in inclement weather is another factor in crashes. Trying to stop up to 80,000 pounds of solid object isn't easy on dry roads, let alone on wet or icy ones.
  • Another potential byproduct of poor maintenance, repairs and inspections is equipment failure.

Any of these issues cause accidents that are just as serious or deadly as those caused by driver error are. If you suffered injuries in a crash involving a big rig, you could face significant financial losses due to medical expenses, lost income and other damages. If you lose a loved one, the financial losses could include funeral and burial expenses along with the permanent loss of an income, in addition to other damages.

Pursuing compensation

If you decide to exercise your right to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver and any other parties who may bear some legal responsibility, one of the first steps will be to conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. It may help to start such an inquiry with one of the five common causes of truck accidents.

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