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22 plaintiffs awarded billions in Johnson & Johnson suit

Twenty-two female cancer victims brought forward a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claiming that their prolonged use of baby powder caused them to contract ovarian cancer. During trial proceedings, the women produced evidence showing that their ovaries contained asbestos fibers. Medical experts and scientific research further corroborated the women's claims that applying baby powder to their private areas resulted in asbestos fibers entering their uteri, traveling through their fallopian tubes and contaminating their ovaries. A Missouri jury awarded the plaintiffs $550 million in compensatory damages and $4.14 billion in punitive damages to be split among the victims.

For decades -- and especially since the late 2000's -- Johnson & Johnson has fervently claimed that its baby powder and talcum-based products do not contain asbestos. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)even affirmed Johnson & Johnson's claims, further assuring the public that baby powder was safe.

Bus accident sends 25 to Southern California hospitals

A tour bus taking passengers from Pala Casino in San Diego County to Koreatown in Los Angeles crashed into a barrier and tipped over on Interstate 10 recently. Of the 32 passengers on board, more than two dozen people were transported to hospitals nearby, the California Highway Patrol reported.

A fire department official said four passengers were in serious condition, five in fair condition and 16 in good condition.

Is your marriage ending because of infidelity?

Infidelity is one of the top reasons why couples decide to end their marriages. In some cases, an unfaithful spouse cheated on a drunken night out that was instantly regretted. In other cases, unfaithful spouses carry on love affairs with others and desire the freedom to be with them. Or, maybe the affair was emotional in nature and didn't involve physical or sexual contact, but the spouse still feels hurt and betrayed.

If your spouse was unfaithful to you, you're probably feeling hurt and angry — and you certainly have the right to those feelings. When people enter into marriage contracts, most fully expect that person to remain faithful — in mind, body and soul. The moment this trust is betrayed, it might never be recaptured.

Prevent bad weather and reckless driving car accidents

Two common causes of car accidents in California are bad weather and reckless driving. However, with proper attention to detail, most car accidents caused by these factors can be avoided.

Here's what you can do to avoid these two kinds of crashes:

Did someone overstep your business trademark?

You spent weeks going back and forth with a graphic designer to come up with the perfect design for your Victorville, Caifornia, coffee shop: an oversized white mug, filled with black coffee, a cute little trail of steam coming from the cup. The words "Joe's Java Hut" are written on the bottom of the mug in small script.

Two years later, Joe's is a big success. The line goes 10 deep each morning. But one day, a customer you've never seen brings in a coupon you've also never seen. It's for a new coffee stop in town. The logo is nearly identical to yours. The name of the business? Java the Hut.

Fighting for your property rights in boundary disputes

California readers know they have the right to defend their property interests in the event of a boundary dispute. When there is conflict over where your property line begins and your neighbor's begins, it can lead to lengthy and costly issues. In many cases, real estate disputes require legal assistance in order to reach a beneficial outcome. 

If you are currently facing a boundary dispute with your neighbor, you may feel unsure of what you should do or how you can effectively navigate this issue without further complications. As a property owner, it is a smart move to seek appropriate guidance to shield your rights and preserve your property interests.

Whiplash is a common injury following rear-end collision

It was just another day. You got up, got ready and went out the door to get to work. While in your vehicle, traveling your normal route, the driver behind you was not paying attention and struck the back of your car pretty hard. You now have pain in your neck and back -- both of which are common following a rear-end collision.

It is common to see rear-end collisions on California roads. Many victims of these car accidents suffer from whiplash. This may not sound like anything too severe, but it can cause a person to suffer in a variety of ways if it is bad enough.

Should you choose bankruptcy or avoid it?

Bankruptcy is often associated with starting over completely and being financially ruined. The reality is that you don't actually lose everything in a bankruptcy, and it's a tool designed to help you get out of financial trouble.

While a bankruptcy is not the right choice for everyone, there are some people who can benefit from it. For instance, those with a high number of personal debts that are unsecured, like credit-card debts, a bankruptcy can help eliminate them and make it easier to live month to month. In comparison, someone struggling with student loans and past-due tax balances won't likely find bankruptcy to be much of a help in the long term, since it won't eliminate student loan debts or IRS collections except for in very specific circumstances.

It's summer: Pool owners must take care to ensure safety of kids

It's summer in the Inland Empire, and we know what that means. It's going to get hot. And then even hotter. Your kids will clamor for a way to cool off, so get ready to hook up the lawn sprinkler for them to run through.

But sometimes, there might be a more attractive option nearby: a community pool or perhaps a neighbor's home with a swimming pool. With that beautiful and refreshing blue water comes the inherent danger of drowning.

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