Common Factors In Vehicle Injury Accidents

Accidents involving automobiles and other motor vehicles are some of the most common types of personal injury claims. More than 3,500 persons were killed in automotive crashes in California in 2017, with many more suffering serious, life-altering injuries from their collisions.

Personal injury law is a complex, confusing part of our legal system. Our firm, the Ewaniszyk Law Firm, has secured more than $100 million dollars for our clients, both through settlements and verdicts in court. Our lawyers are successful for many of our clients because we treat each one as an individual, and we tailor our construction of their claims as plaintiffs to their unique needs and circumstances.

Common Factors Involved In Vehicle Accidents

For residents of Southern California and the Inland Empire, several situations often play a role in car accidents. The Cajon Pass area, which is traversed by State Route 138 and adjacent to Interstate 15, can be difficult to navigate in certain types of weather. Many 18-wheelers pass through the area because Ontario is a major hub for trucking companies. The differential in size between those trucks and ordinary cars or motorcycles can cause catastrophic, even fatal, accidents. Other collisions turn out to be distracted driving accidents, or accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.

Injuries Caused By Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that precede a personal injury claim are invariably serious and cause significant physical damage to the accident victim. Some of the consequences of a serious car wreck can include:

  • Injuries to the head or spine
  • Broken bones, including broken arms or legs
  • Chest injuries such as broken ribs or internal injuries
  • Soft-tissue injuries that include "whiplash" to the upper back and neck, as well as connective tissue damage

Any injury you suffer in a vehicle accident should be carefully evaluated, in order to provide an accurate assessment of your immediate and long-term care needs. Our firm's Victorville car accident lawyers, as well as the attorneys in our other two offices, can help you determine these figures for your claim, as well as the amount of lost income you may experience as a result of your wreck.

We Help You Map Out Your Post-Accident Future

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