Getting A Fresh Start Through Bankruptcy

If you are burdened by overwhelming debt, bankruptcy is one option for getting a fresh start and rebuilding your financial stability. In the United States, bankruptcy is governed by federal law and handled in the federal court system. Attorneys at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm help clients in our three office locations file for two primary forms of bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7 — A straightforward form of liquidating personal debt
  • Chapter 13 — A form of bankruptcy in which debtors reorganize debts and agree to follow a repayment plan

The lawyers who work for our firm are ready to explain the bankruptcy process to you and help you gain relief from bankruptcy protections immediately. Our firm's practice is limited to bankruptcy cases filed, or to be filed, in the state of California.

What Bankruptcy Can — And Cannot — Do For Debtors

Our firm's bankruptcy lawyers will begin the bankruptcy process by conducting a thorough examination of your situation. They will help you fill out the forms to be submitted to the bankruptcy court and advise you on the consequences of bankruptcy.

If your petition for a bankruptcy discharge or repayment plan is successful, you will experience a number of benefits:

  • Relieve you of the legal obligation of repaying the debts listed in your discharge petition
  • Allow you to begin to rebuild your credit, often more quickly than without the bankruptcy
  • Avoid the tax consequences of having your debts forgiven
  • Remove judgment liens filed against your property

Hesitation Can Be Destructive In Bankruptcy Cases

Some persons hesitate to file for bankruptcy because they fear it is an admission of personal failure. However, if you are in danger of receiving a judgment against you related to a debt, the consequences in California can include seizure of your bank account, liens against your assets, or garnishment of your salary.

If you use our firm to file for bankruptcy, you will be protected from all collection actions, including judgments, almost immediately.

Start Down The Path To Financial Reinvention Today

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